Nic began his improv journey at the beginning of 2016. He started at Reckless Theatre NYC under the instruction of Rachel Rosenthal. This is where the obsession begins. 
     Nic progressed through the UCB NYC core curriculum with all A’s and has periodically taken advanced courses through the institution. From here he branched out to The Magnet, The PIT, and Brooklyn Comedy Collective to complete all the core programs. 
     Nic has created and performed with multiple indie teams around the city. Venues include The PIT, The Magnet, UCB, BCC, Young Ethels, Ottos Shrunken Head, Fun & Dumb Festival, and Shillelagh Tavern.
     Presently, Nic coaches and teaches improv through his own theater Yeah Right! Improv. He has created specialty workshops, themed drop-in courses, helped indie teams find their voice and enhance scene work. 
     If you're looking for an improv coach click HERE for availability
Rachel Rosenthal, Billy Merrit, Louis Kornfield, Will Hines, Patrick McCartney, Armando Diaz, Peter McNerney, Achilles Stamalaky, Katy Berry, Molly Thomas, Elana Fishbein, Sebastian Canelli, John Timothy, Zach Willis, Polo Tate, Devin Bockrath, Ian Herrin, Alyssa Davis, Dana Shulman, Devin Ritchie, Ian Herrin, Matt Radlow, Justin Torres, Nikita Burdein, Michael Lutton, Kimberly Alu, Amir Khan, Desiree Justin, Joy Masters,

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