Nic Rockwelll is an actor, improviser, comedian, & content creator in New York City. He graduated with a degree in Theatre Arts with in emphasis in dance at California State Chico University. He has appeared in national and international commercials, co-stared in TV, and consistently performs in improv theaters around NYC.
     Nic has studied acting with Joe Whelski, Sue Pate, Dr. Katie Whitlock, Cynthia Lammel, Joel Rogers, & Matt Mazur
     Nic has studied improv with Rachel Rosenthal, Peter McNerney, Billy Merrit, Louis Kornfield, Will Hines, Patrick McCartney, Armando Diaz, Achilles Stamalaky, Katy Berry, Molly Thomas, Elana Fishbein, Sebastian Canelli, John Timothy, Zach Willis, Polo Tate, Devin Bockrath, Ian Herrin, Alyssa Davis, Dana Shulman, Devin Ritchie, Ian Herrin, Matt Radlow, Justin Torres, Nikita Burdein, Michael Lutton, Kimberly Alu, Amir Khan, Desiree Justin,  and Joy Masters
     In his free time Nic can be found improvising, powerlifting, skateboarding, or traveling around the world. 
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